The Team

Tatianna is a Founder of the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation and the mother of its inspiration, Steven “ASAP Yams” Rodriguez. Tatianna was driven to start the foundation in an effort to solidify a long term legacy of service and contribution made by her son, as well as serve as an positive inspiration to other young people in need of support. Tatianna has dedicated her time and effort to education and community upliftment for the local youth and she is focused on continuing to empower them through the works and organization of the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation. Tatianna is a tireless advocate of creativity and individual expression and she is honored to serve others in the name of her son, Steven Rodriguez.

Tatianna Paulino


Audrey has been a Registered Nurse with over 19 years of experience and accreditation. Most of Audrey’s years in nursing have been serving the underprivileged in New York City neighborhoods as well as a focus on working with the elderly in the Inwood and Washington Heights for most of the last decade. She is currently working for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

Audrey Almanzar

Board Member

Melody is an outstanding nurse leader and motivator. She is an expert public health nurse who has served the Hispanic community for over 8 years.  As a young Latina and first generation Dominican American, she has a strong commitment to the needs of the Hispanic community. In 2013, she recived a double Masters Degree in Public Health and in Nursing Science with a concentration in community health education from Hunter College (CUNY). Her studies in public health and her fieldwork with the Hispanic community, has led her to research health literacy in the Latino community and ways to combat this immense health disparity. Ms. Madera is a long time active member of NAHN NYC and currently is the  Director of Patient Services, Quality Assurance and Education at Partners in Care, a licensed home care agency and subsidiary of Visiting Nurse Service of NY.

Melody Madera

Board Member

Adriana is  of Pace University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Applied Psychology & Human Relations . Adriana is currently employed at Los Niños Services, Inc. – a Special Education Preschool.She works directly with the children in the classroom providing support during learning centers, art projects, planning & carrying out other classroom activities. Adraian also attended two years of Nursing School and during that time had clinical experiences at Montefiore Hospital and Four Winds [Psychiatric] Hospital in which she we aided patients who were admitted for substance abuse and other psychological ailments. 

Adraina Arias

Board Member

Darryl is an experienced entrepreneur as well as director and producer of film, multi-media and and other entertainment/artistic mediums. He attended Emory University and has since worked in the media sector with a specialties interest in urban music, video, and film as well as a director and executive producer of documentaries regarding social justice and activism. Darryl’s dedication to the Foundation started as a friend of Steven’s who has made it a mission to work with Tatianna Paulino and ensuring aide and factual education to other young adults who might battle with substance abuse and who inherently need information about the dire signals and potential consequences that have plagued their communities and demographic.

Darryl Phillips

Executive Director

Annamaria leads Transactis’ accounting and finance teams. She started her career at PricewatherhouseCoopers as an auditor in the Banking and Capital Markets industry. After departing PwC, Ms. Malara spent time at Calabrio, where she gained valuable experience regarding the unique financial changes facing technology start-ups. Ms. Malara received her CPA license from New York State in 2009.

Annamaria Malara

Board Member

Francina is a BSN, RN, CNOR. She graduated with high honors from Adelphi University and is a registered nurse at one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York City with a specialty in surgery. She also gives her time in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York in the field of youth ministry. Her mother Argentina and Steven’s mother Tatianna are very close sisters making their relationship more like brother and sister rather than just cousins. Francina is a cousin of Steven Rodriguez and is passionate about the work of the Foundation because it will reach youth that are in most need and provide them with the necessary resources and support they are looking for, and will assist in proactively preventing other youth from becoming involved in substance abuse by informing them of the dangers and potentialities of fatality.

Francina Calderon

Board Member

Josh serves as a Director of the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation Inc. Mr Zeide is an accomplished attorney and business manager to high net worth families within the technology, financial, sports and entertainment industries. Mr Zeide is a Graduate of Emory University and Georgia State University School of Law and J. Mack Robinson School of Business. Josh’s inspiration for serving the foundation grew from a personal relationship with Steven Rodriguez in addition to the dedicated positive energy and vision of Steven’s Mother, Tatianna Paulino and long standing friendship with Executive Director Darryl Phillips.

Josh Zeide

Legal Counsel

Josephine is an Executive Assistant to C-Suite Level professionals. Ms. Nunez is a specialist in a broad variety of administrative tasks, some which extend to managing events, completing expense reports; processing invoices; composing and preparing correspondence that is often sensitive and/or confidential in nature as well as liaising with internal and external clients. She studied fashion design at F.I.T. in New York and completed study abroad courses which allowed her to live in Florence, Italy for two years where she learned to speak Italian. Ms. Nunez began working at Dolce & Gabbana as assistant to the President of Public Relations and transitioned into other diverse administrative roles in her career including real estate, finance and executive search.

Josephine Nunez

Board Member

Fernando has written for several outlets including Poetry Magazine, The Southern Review, Vox and VICE. He is a host of the cable network VICELAND’s short documentary show Vice World of Sports.

After graduating from Columbia University’s Creative Writing Program, Fernando became the first Latino Ivy Leaguer in Major League Baseball history. Fernando continued to write while playing baseball professionally for 10 years, contributing essays and columns to several publications, including The New York Times. After retirement, Fernando worked as an ambassador for MLB in Europe and Africa and traveled through Mongolia, Central America and the Pacific Islands doing research for his first novel.

Fernando now works as a columnist for, and an on-camera personality for both VICE’s digital imprint and its new cable network, VICELAND. Fernando is a baseball analyst for and also a youth mentor for the Governor’s Committee of Scholastic Achievement.

Fernando Perez

Board Member